Hi, I’m Julie, I’m going to talk to you now about the possibility of us working together. The way that that would happen is through a mini session. From the beginning I want to take away all the fears you might have about a mini session. For me, I know I would be like, “Oh, if I get on the phone with somebody, they’re going to try to force me to become a client. They’re going to try to force me to pay or sell me something.” I’d like to take that fear away right from the beginning.

I don’t work with everybody that I have a conversation with. Just like I never dated every guy I ever spoke to.

This mini session is kind of a mutual disclosure. I might not be able to help you. You may not be the type of person that I work with.

I may not be the type of person that you want to work with and you may not be ready to work with me. But when I think about the kind of person I want to work with, I get this video in mind. You get to know me, you’re going to know I make a lot of movie references. I make a lot of song references. The kind of people that I work with are women who are ready to make a change. They’re to the point where it’s like, “Okay, I’m aggravated! I’ve had enough! I’ve followed all these stupid diets and nothing’s worked for me.”

What comes to mind for me is this video. I’m going to try to play it for you, but I’m not really super tech savvy and I have to play it on my iPad and show it to you.

The bonus with this video is that I think it’s universal. I think everybody probably knows it. This is my theory about what we’re going to do when I work with people about all these ideas that have been ingrained in your head for years and years and years about dieting and weight loss. Should I eat flour? Should I eat sugar? Are you supposed to eat that? Are you supposed to do this? Is that on your food list?

If you’re like me, you’ve got to the point where it’s like, “I’ve had it! I have had it!” This is how I feel about all of these ideas that society throws in our heads about our bodies and our weight and our food. Okay, so here’s this video.

If you work with me, we’re going to rip it up. We’re going to take them. We’re going to slaughter them. The women I work with, the lady that was on, I think the left in the yellow, the one who’s got that passion that’s going to rip them that’s going to tear them. That’s gonna slaughter them. We’re going to get rid of all those old negative feelings and discover you have the freedom to make your own decisions and your own choices and your own thoughts and let that be the driving force that moves you forward. So all of that being said, the possibility of working with me starts with a mini session. Just because we have a mini session doesn’t mean we’re going to be a pair.

It doesn’t mean we’re going to work out and have a second date. It’s just an introductory. I get to know you. You get to know me. We’ll decide from there if we want to have a second date.

There’s information below this video on how to sign up, how to schedule a mini session, how to contact me and we’ll go from there and hopefully we’ll have an opportunity to talk. I love doing these videos, but I feel a little bit like a radio DJ, like I’m putting information out there, but nobody’s hearing me. I would like to have the opportunity to actually have a conversation and hear your questions and concerns and see how I can help you.

So reach out, schedule a session with me. Don’t be afraid about being sold, being committed, having to come up with an excuse for not working with me long term. That’s not what the mini session is for. Let’s talk!

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