Take Time to Taste Food


Here I am again. In the last video I told you I was going to talk to you about paying attention to eating and what kinds of things to pay attention to. One of the really big important things to talk about or pay attention to, and we talked about this in a previous video, is crazy good.

But really, pay attention to crazy good. Taste the food that’s in your mouth and discover whether or not you like that taste, whether you like that feeling in your mouth. I’m not going to say to chew your food 25 times because I think that’s ridiculous and I think a lot of people do, but really take small bites so that you have more opportunities to taste it.

Let me share a story with you. When I was doing Keto, I had this forbidden food list, one of the foods I loved. Can you see that? These cookies? I was sure they were crazy good. I would swear they were crazy good. You know what? They’re still sitting just like this, if I hadn’t given them away. I ate one and I thought, you know, I’m really going to give this some time and decide how crazy good these are.

After I started eating them, it felt like they were made out of total crisco and then I got this bad taste in my mouth. Before I know it was like I had this bad taste in my throat. It was like, I feel like because I took the time to taste it and discover, I realized it’s not a crazy good food for me anymore. I can walk by that in the grocery store now and be like, I don’t have a strong desire for that food because I really tasted it and it’s really not something I like too much.

So when you are eating and you’re not being distracted, spend some time determining whether or not you really like that food or not. Think of how liberating it is or will be when you can go past something that you used to eat. I used to eat those cookies in 2 bites. I can walk by them. You can do that too. Pay attention and discover whether or not you really like it.

I will talk to you in the next video. Thanks.

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