Pay Attention When You’re Eating


Welcome back. This is the next guideline I follow: when you are eating, don’t do anything else except eat. And that’s my positive way of saying avoid distraction eating, which is don’t eat in front of the TV, don’t eat in front of the computer, don’t eat while you’re on the phone, don’t eat while you’re in the car.

It’s hard to say “don’t” when there isn’t anybody else around that’s kind of distracting. I can’t follow that rule, so it’s hard for me to preach on that one. Eat at the table, eat without distraction. There’s a couple of reasons for that. Some of them I’m going to get into a little deeper in my next videos, but one of them is you’re going to eat a lot less if you’re paying attention to what you’re eating.

If you’re not paying attention and you’re watching a movie or you’re in the car, you’re not paying attention. So it only makes sense that you’re going to probably eat a lot more than you are when you’re paying attention. So you’re going to be able to tell when you’re full, if you’re not doing anything else. Also, I’ll get into this in another video is you have to pay attention not just to when you get full, but pay attention to what you like, how it tastes, how you feeling about what you’re eating.

The big thing is right now, no distraction eating. When you’re eating, pay attention to eating, pay attention to the food you’re eating, pay attention to what your body’s telling you and pay attention to when you’re full. Then stop.

I will talk to you in the next video about some of the things you pay attention to while you’re paying attention to eating. Alrighty, I’ll talk to you next time. Thanks.

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