Eat When You’re Hungry!

Hey, welcome back. Okay. The first thing I started doing is I eat when I’m hungry. I stop eating when I’m not hungry. It doesn’t sound like it’s that complicated, but really, I had been doing intermittent fasting for months. I was doing intermittent fasting and I was hungry and that might be part of the reason why I hit a stall. My body didn’t want to give up weight. It was telling me it was hungry and my brain was fighting it.

Part of intuitive eating is listening to the signals of your body and responding to it. So if you’re hungry, eat, but stop when you’re not hungry. It’s okay to go back an hour later if you’re getting those hunger pangs again. Go back and eat. It wasn’t too complicated for me because I experienced what it felt like to be hungry and fought it.

But a lot of people have been on a schedule where they eat even though they’re not hungry, and they haven’t really experienced what it feels like, what the signal your body gives you when you’re hungry. So you might have to wait and feel that and then eat. But most importantly, when you’re not hungry, stop. Just go back again. Go back in an hour, if you go back in two hours, train your brain that you’re not in a famine.

You don’t have to eat a ton of food the minute you get hungry. There’s going to be some more food again in an hour or two hours. Once your brain starts getting used to that, it’s going to be a lot easier to stop eating, but practice and it’ll work. So for now, eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re not hungry. In the next video, I’ll give you the next thing that I started doing that helped. I’ll talk to you then!

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